Agriturismo in Umbria


It is composed of extensive olive tree fields, the “Sagrantino” vineyard, the cereal fields and the agritourism complex.

Azienda Agraria

Bedrooms & Apartments

Surrounded by the green landscapes of Umbria countryside, near the main artistic towns of Umbria...Todi, Orvieto, Perugia.



We obtain a high-quality extra virgin olive oil following a mechanical extraction process, with particular attention.

Mill and Agritourism

Situated in Umbria, the green heart of Italy rich in natural products, Clerici Farm (that extends almost 50 hectares) produces a high-quality extra virgin olive oil that guests can taste during their stay.

We pick up the olives from our 2000 olive trees, attentively cared for with great respect for nature, and we treat them for very few days. The varieties of “Leccino”, “Frantoio” and “Moraiolo” respect the quantities required by the extra virgin quality oils “Umbria Colli Martani”. We manage to obtain a high-quality extra virgin olive oil characterized by deep colors and unique flavors, following an exclusively mechanical process of extraction, with particular attention to the various steps of production.

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Frantoio Clerici

Clerici Mill

Extra virgin olive oil production and sales

In 1948 Aldino bought the oil mill, very close to his native house. The old granite milling machines and the hydraulic presses were used in the extraction of extra virgin olive oil until 1990, when new machines took their place, preserving the granite milling machines of “Baveno” with a cold extraction.

Agriturismo in Umbria

Agritourism I Portoreschi

Bedrooms and holiday apartments in Umbria

The building provides accommodation for the diversified tourism requests. We have country-style apartments equipped with kitchens, situated in country houses and in the village. We also have furnished bedrooms for those who prefer respecting the typical specialties and the local wine and food.